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Wegmans adjusts hours to deal with increase in number of shoppers

If you were out shopping in a local supermarket recently, you likely had plenty of company.
The scene at a number of local markets were similar…it looked like people were stocking up for an impending storm, or a major holiday.
Cathy Fager was shopping at the East Avenue Wegmans.
“People are buying everything, shelves are empty, it’s worse than Christmas,” Fager said.
Lines were long at East Avenue and many other stores including the Wegmans on Lyell Avenue in Gates.
Shopper Phillip Wheatley was at that store. He said he had to get a few things, but wasn’t planning on stocking up extra because of any potential coronavirus threat.
“I think people are blowing it out of proportion, I don’t think there’s enough data at the moment; it’s still in the early stages, I think,” Wheatley said.
Shoppers at Wegmans and other stores have been seeing items like toilet paper and food staples like bread selling almost as soon as they are put out on the shelves.
Wegmans officials tell us that in New York state, nearly all of their stores that are usually open 24 hours, will be closed between midnight and 6 a.m. on a temporary basis to help employees clean the stores and restock products.
Hours vary for stores in other states.

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