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First Responders Spotlight: ‘Firefighter Mike’ teaches Henrietta youth

HENRIETTA, NY — The Henrietta Fire District responds to about 4,500 calls per year. Fire Chief Mark Strzyzynski says that number could be higher, if it weren’t for the efforts of one man: “Firefighter Mike”.
Captain Michael Dinsmore of the Henrietta Fire District has spent over 20 years as a firefighter. He teaches hands-on fire safety at various schools in Henrietta as “Firefighter Mike”, something he says is critical for youngsters.
“It’s important. They don’t get that education at school, it’s not part of their math or English, it’s life saving,” says Dinsmore.
Cinthia Aceto works at The School of the Holy Childhood in Henrietta and nominated Captain Dismore. She says he not only took the time to teach students there, but also the staff with manual learning.
“He came to our after school program. The kids can hold on to the hose, and have the water pour out of it and have fun,” says Aceto. Dinsmore also gives the kids a trailer full of simulated smoke to walk through, and taught how to crawl on the floor during a fire. Aceto says these skills help to diminish the fear children might have during a fire and help them take action.
Captain Dinsmore’s supervisor says the skills he teaches to the community have precious value that can’t be measured.

“I think the number of people he’s probably saved over the years, he doesn’t even realize it…it’s insurmountable because that’s a number you can’t track,” says Chief Strzyzynski.
And Captain Dinsmore says he will be treating his fellow firefighters to Dunkin’, thanks as always to their special gift box for these occasions, full of coffee, a gift card, a T-shirt and other treats.
“It’s very surprising. Thank you, thank you very much. This is the best job in the world. Every day is different,” says Dinsmore.

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