Teens Break Into Trump Residence With Loaded AK-47’s

According to the Palm Beach Police Department three teenagers were taken into custody after they illegally jumped a wall at President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club while carrying AK-47s in a backpack.
According to Palm Beach Police Department spokesperson Michael Ogrodnick, the boys were arrested shortly after entering the property. The boys had gotten rid of a backpack which contained the semi-automatic weapon.
According to the spokesperson for the police department “they had no idea where they were.” President Trump and his family were not at the club as they are at the White House. The first family is safe according to Secret Service.
According to the police report, Friday night the three teens we’re driving around midnight when a police officer came up to the vehicle and It sped away. Vehicle was caught by another police officer who was not related to the incident.
After pursuing the teens, the teenagers abandoned the vehicle and ran on foot towards the Mar-A-Lago club where they illegally enter the property.
The teenagers attempted to hide on the Resort’s grounds before officers surrounded the area with a helicopter in a police dog that was used to find them.
The teenagers are being held at the Juvenile Assessment Center in West Palm Beach Florida. According to the prosecutor in the case they are still determining whether or not the teenagers will be tried as adults or teens.

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