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Veteran from the Marine Corps Continues To Help Other Vets

Greece, Rochester, N.Y. — Note by note, Stacy Lundy enjoys playing her ukulele. For Lundy, it brings her peace. She is a Marine Corps veteran who had a very tough time in the military.
“I was molested several times. And finally I was drugged and molested and I went back to my unit to see what I was drugged with and they said it was marijuana and kicked me out,” said Lundy.
That experience traumatized her.
“They diagnosed me with PTSD and now I’m 100% disabled,” said Lundy.
It’s been more than 25 years since Lundy left the military. While it was tough at first, she decided to help other veterans. She is active with many organizations, like the Disabled American Veterans chapter in Monroe County.
“I joined CompeerCORPS and they do painting and art. I’m with Warrior Salute, they do yoga and horsemen ship, EquiCenter. There [are] so many organizations here,” said Lundy.
For her, she has made it her mission to let other veterans know about resources out there.
“I have a Facebook page that’s called the League of Women Veterans. I bring all these organizations onto my page to tell any veteran who is on my page that this organization is doing this, this organization is giving out this,” said Lundy.
As Lundy continues to navigate life, she is hoping to change the stigma placed on veterans.
“You’re trying to stay into this personification that they put you in because you joined the Marine Corps. And you’re big and bad and tough and you want to tell them I’m not big, bad and tough. There’s a lot of things that I saw, a lot of things that happened to me and I need some help,” said Lundy.

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