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One dead, three injured after Monday night crash in Rochester

Rochester, New York – One dead and three others are injured as a result of the vehicle crash that happened Monday night in Rochester.
The crash occurred around 10 p.m. on Monday and the police responded on a 911 call on the intersection of East Main Street and North Chestnut Street.
The police determined a vehicle travelling eastbound on East Main Street continued driving through the intersection with North Chestnut without noticing a vehicle traveling north and they collided.
Speeding was a factor for sure in both vehicles, but the bigger issue in this situation was that one of the vehicles ran a red light.
Total of 4 people were transferred to nearest hospital, but unfortunately one woman later died from the injuries. The woman was just 34-year-old coming from Rochester.
Because of the waiting for the family notification, her identity has still not been released.

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