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Arrest warrant, trespassing charge dropped against women in pepper-spray incident

Rochester, N.Y. – Prosecutors say a trespassing charge and an arrest warrant against a mother at the center of a controversial arrest in Rochester have been dropped.
That arrest took place on Feb. 22 on Portland Avenue. During the incident, the woman was pepper-sprayed by police in close proximity of her three-year-old child. The child was not hurt.
The arrest and body camera footage of the incident drew criticism from some leaders and community advocates.
Wednesday, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office said a trespass charge, on which the woman was arrested, was dropped.
Also reportedly dropped was an arrest warrant issued this week after the woman did not show up to a scheduled court appearance Tuesday.
One officer was placed on administrative duty pending an investigation into the Portland Avenue incident.
The incident comes amid a turbulent period for the RPD – months after the death of Daniel Prude became public knowledge, and about a month after a nine-year-old was pepper-sprayed by police. This update comes hours after a man was shot by police outside the Open Door Mission after allegedly running toward officers with a knife.

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