Sports venues in NY to begin reopening with limited capacity

Starting in April, sports venues in New York will begin to reopen and allow fans back into stadiums and arenas.
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that indoor sporting venues with capacity for 1,500 or more people and outdoor sporting venues with capacity for 2,500 or more people will be able to welcome fans back starting on April 1.
Indoor venues will be allowed to open at 10 percent capacity, while outdoor venues will be allowed to open at 20 percent capacity. All people in attendance must bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test or a COVID-19 vaccination.
Masks, social distancing and temperature checks will also be mandatory. Socially distanced seating will also be required. Contact information needs to be collected in case contact tracing is needed due to any positive COVID-19 cases.
The testing requirement will be re-evaluated in mid-May.
All stadiums, arenas, and venues are required to get approval from the New York State Department of Health for all events.
Any retail or food services need to abide by state-issued guidance. Indoor venues need to have the proper enhanced air filtration, ventilation, and purification systems in place.
“This is a process,” Cuomo said. “As we said before, it’s an intelligent calibration of reopening the economy – watching the science, watching the data. But all indicators are good. I believe this is our opening position. I think we are going to see success in the games. I think we’re going to see that they’re safe and I think you’re going to see increased capacity and more flexibility across the board going forward.”
Traveling statewide for regional sporting and recreational events will be also allowed starting March 29. Previously, teams could only travel to contiguous counties within regions.
Starting April 1, outdoor venues for live music shows with capacity for 2,500 people or more will be able to reopen at 20 percent capacity.
“We have to start thinking spring,” Cuomo said.

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