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Victor Farmington Food Cupboard Provides Food for Hundreds of Families

VICTOR, N.Y. — The Victor Farmington Food Cupboard held its Easter Food Distribution on Saturday to provide food for hundreds of local families.
Mark Hamilton was one of the volunteers.
“It’s been near and dear to all of the volunteers for many years,” said Hamilton. “There’s so many people that are in need, especially these times, that we just don’t realize how much need there is out there right now.”
Karen Guidarelli, director of the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard, said food insecurities have increased 40% in their area since the pandemic began a year ago.
“People who had never been food insecure before are now, and still, fighting the stigma,” Guidarelli explained. “So we are trying to make it as easy and pleasant as possible. People can’t make good decisions if they are hungry.”
She is thankful that members of the community and local organizations are helping them meet the growing need.
While the organization always accepts donations, they are specifically looking for fresh foods.
“We are really focusing right on healthy food because we want people to come out of the pandemic better off than now than when it started,” said Guidarelli.
By the end of the distribution, the cupboard estimated they fed more than 400 families.
“It’s gratifying to know that we can help other people in our community,” said Hamilton.

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