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Cuomo accused of granting family members, influential people early-access to COVID tests

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s family is said to have received special access to COVID-19 testing during the early-days of the pandemic, while others were left wondering- when, how, or if they could get one.
The New York Times and other outlets reported that the Cuomo Administration arranged special access to government-run COVID testing for family members and other influential people as the pandemic arrived in New York.
Most of this occurred in March 2020, according to those with knowledge of the situation in that report. At that point testing wasn’t widely available, and many were scrambling to find tests- or simply told to hunker down in their homes.
Chris Cuomo, a CNN employee, and his family, were tested several times during the early-part of the COVID-19 pandemic. The governor’s mother, and at least one of his sisters were also able to take advantage of the state-administered tests.

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