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Teachers say testing infrastructure is major roadblock with going back to school now, or in the fall

There has been a lot of focus on getting kids back to school this spring.
However, new state guidance released by the state health department is actually intended to get students back in class by fall.
While some might find it hard to believe that there’s possibility that students are not learning in-person by the new school year- there’s still serious doubt, as vaccine rollout slows down, hesitancy climbs, and districts deal with shifting safety guidance.
New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta said the lack of testing infrastructure inside the plan doesn’t give him much confidence.
“That doesn’t give us confidence,” he told Spectrum News. “How long will take the state to get that program going where they’re doing all the testing?”
What about the reduction of social distancing guidance from six feet down to three?
Pallotta has thoughts about that, too.
“But yet when we go into a store we’re still six feet from the person in front of us and there’s still Plexiglas when you get to the cashier,” Pallott said. “So I see issues with this ruling and following through and nothing being added to increase safety.”
Some officials say full distribution of the vaccine won’t come until 2022.

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