2 dead, officer and female injured after driver opened fire during traffic stop

SAN ANTONIO — Two people are dead after a San Antonio Police officer exchanged gunfire with a driver during a routine traffic stop on the West Side Friday morning.
The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. off Pinn Road and near Westfield.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said that this incident all started with a routine traffic stop. He said that the officer pulled over the truck for an unknown reason with three people inside. Chief McManus said that the conversation between the driver and officer was very casual, but at some point, the driver pulled out a gun and opened fire on the officer.

The officer was hit in the hand, but managed to return fire while he was backing up, hitting the male driver and passenger, as well as a female passenger. The two men were pronounced dead at the scene.
The female passenger was shot in the upper chest and was taken to the hospital. No word on her condition.

 Chief McManus doesn’t know the reason why the driver pulled the gun on the officer.

The officer was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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