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COVID-19 supply catches up with demand in Monroe County

More Monroe County residents are receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
The county says a little more than 43% have received at least one dose. Around 30% are fully vaccinated, but there is work to be done.
And it looks like the supply has finally caught up with the demand. Both the county and state have plenty of appointment times available at different locations as early as Friday.
County Executive Adam Bello says that people have to take advantage of these appointments now in time for the summer.
“If you decide you want to take the vaccine today, you will have the immune effect of that vaccine either five weeks from now or six weeks from now depending on which vaccine you take. So it’s in your hands right now. The health of this community is in all of our hands what we want to look like on Memorial Day,” said Bello.
Bello says to get people to pick up these appointments, he believes they have to build more confidence in the vaccine that they work. He says they are lowering the rate of infection.
Bello also says the county is working on what might be in the way of people’s access to the vaccine by bringing the vaccine to where people live.
People who have trouble accessing the county’s website to make an appointment can also call the Monroe County COVID-19 Hotline at 753-5555.

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