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Curfew extended to midnight for bars, restaurants beginning April 19

The curfew in New York on bars and restaurants is getting extended.
While the executive order itself was pushed into May, which requires that restaurants and bars with a liquor license close early- that closing time will be midnight beginning April 19.
Catered events will be extended from midnight to 1 a.m.
“As the numbers are down on COVID, we talk about adjusting the valve,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “We caution New Yorkers, don’t get cocky. The disease is still very much with us. We have to stay smart until COVID is crushed and it won’t be crushed until we get herd immunity and we won’t get herd immunity until we’re finished vaccinating everyone.”
He called it civic duty to get the vaccine. “It is a civic duty in my opinion,” Gov. Cuomo continued. “you take the vaccine, not just for yourself, you take it to keep others safe.”

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