The Crumpet Lady opens on Monroe Avenue in Rochester By Wendy Mills Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — You can now enjoy fresh-made English griddlecakes in Rochester. The Crumpet Lady is now open at 441 Monroe Ave. near Meigs Street.
Owner Evinn Neadow says it’s all about the bubbles in the batter to make the perfect tasting crumpet. Crumpets are soft, spongy and crispy on the outside. You can enjoy them sweet or savory or smothered with butter.
What You Need To Know
The Crumpet Lady is a bakery that specializes in English crumpets
A crumpet is made from batter and cooked on a griddle
Some describe a crumpet as a combination of an English muffin and pancake
The Crumpet Lady is open for to-go crumpets and will feature a full menu in May
“It’s kind of like an English muffin and a pancake in one,” said Neadow, the Crumpet Lady.
Neadow had her first crumpet 15 years ago in Seattle. She says it changed her life so she went from art teacher and roller derby skater to The Crumpet Lady. A friend found a space on Monroe Avenue that felt like the place she had always dreamed of, complete with exposed brick walls and soaring ceilings.

“Yes, it just all kind of fell into place and it was really wonderful,” Neadow said. “This was always what I thought would be my retirement dream but we decided to just kind of go for it.”
There’s only six ingredients in crumpet batter so it is all about the timing, the measuring and the heat of the griddle to make the perfect crumpet. After making hundreds of crumpets for friends and family Neadow with help from her husband Bill Downs have crafted the perfect vegan crumpet.
“So I go in and I make sure it is the right size,” she said. “It’s an inch that’s perfect so that’s great.”
You can enjoy crumpets sweet or savory. Neadow makes homemade raspberry jam. There are touches of home all over her crumpet place. She uses her mom‘s old card catalog from work at Niagara University to hold tea. She serves tea in her grandmother’s tea cups. She’s put together a sweet place so Rochester can enjoy the delectable, round, biscuit-sized treat served whole.

“There’s a woman who drives in from Spencerport. She actually came in and said ‘how many do you have left I want all of them.’ So I do not have to worry about getting here next weekend,” she said. “I love it when people come in and tell me about their grandmother who grew up in England and having these at her house or so, and so is coming in from the UK and we want to be able to have this. I love it. It is just wonderful.”
The Crumpet Lady is open Wednesday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for to-go crumpets. Next month they’ll feature a full menu of toppings.

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