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Monroe County welcomes walk-ins to all county-run vaccination sites

Monroe County will now welcome walk-in visits to all county-run COVID-19 vaccination sites. This includes larger sites like Rochester Riverside Convention Center, and the smaller county-sponsored neighborhood pop-up clinics.
During a weekly media briefing on Thursday, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said the vaccine supply currently outweighs demand throughout the state and region, a completely different scenario from last month’s predicament.
“It was just last month that there was this talk of almost a ‘Hunger Games’ style race to get a vaccine appointment, where the appointments were gone online within minutes of them posting,” Bello said. “That’s just simply not the case anymore.”
He hopes walk-ins will make receiving a vaccine much easier for all eligible residents ages 16 and older.
URMC’s Dr. Nancy Bennett said county vaccination sites are currently able to handle an influx of visitors. However, she said having walk-ins can present some challenges.
“If you allow walk-ins, you obviously have the potential that you’ll end up with some small portion of a vial, and you don’t want to waste the vials,” Bennett said.
She added that the county will remove every possible barrier it can to ensure residents receive the vaccine.
Appointments can still be booked ahead of time online or by calling (585) 753-5555.

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