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Cuomo: NY is open to ‘very creative’ incentives for vaccines

ALBANY, N.Y. —How about some cash with that vaccine? Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday said he’s not crazy about the idea, but is open to “very creative” incentives to get people to get the shot.
Cuomo was initially asked if a lottery system of incentives would be considered, to which he said the state “thought about” the idea. The question comes as Ohio unveiled a lottery system Wednesday to entice people to get COVID-19 shots, offering a weekly $1 million prize and full-ride college scholarships.
Cuomo pointed to the state’s current incentives, which have included tickets to baseball games, and free rides on public transit in cities like NYC and Buffalo. But, when the question of cash was brought up, the governor said incentives can be “tricky.”
“We’re thinking way outside the box, some states are offering cash, I am not crazy about that because, how about all the people who received the vaccine already?.” Cuomo said.
60% of New Yorkers over the age of 18 have received at least one dose, while roughly 50% have completed the cycle.

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