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126 new COVID-19 cases in Monroe County

    Monroe County N.Y. – 126 new cases of COVID-19 Saturday.

Weekly rolling average of new Covid-19 cases is 138 per day. The number of people under the age of 40 diagnosed is at least 85.

Today no new deaths are being announced.

10 Female under 10
11 Male under 10
7 Female 10-19
11 Male 10-19
16 Female in her 20s
7 Male in his 20s
15 Female in 30s
8 Male in his 30s
7 Female in her 40s
7 Male in his 40s
5 Female in her 50s
5 Male in his 50s
7 Female in her 60s
4 Male in his 60s
3 Female in her 70s
2 Male in his 70s
Female in her 80s
Male in his 80s
Female in her 90s

    126 Total new cases

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