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After Monday accident, the Spectrum van dislocated from Palmyra home

Palmyra, N.Y. — After half week the vehicle crashed into it a Spectrum van is dislocated from a house in Palmyra.
Neighbor Jeff Vanderwedge sent some informations of the crash, and a picture of the vehicle’s removal Friday:
After the van crashed into a house on Main Street in Palmyra Monday evening, driver is injured and a house is considerable damage.
According to the eyewitnesses and the police, the driver was a 27-year-old Palmyra resident. He is  still in the hospital but his condition is non-life-threatening. Fortunately the house owner was not home at the time of the accident.
As the Palmyra Police Chief David Smith says, the entire house was going to have to be deconstructed, but it didn’t appear to be demolished as of Friday afternoon.

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