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Four Monroe County sheriff’s deputies injured in fight

Rochester, New York —  After a fight between two adolescent offenders housed at the Monroe County Children’s Detention Center, four MCSO deputies had to be hospitalized.
Officials say before 11:43 a.m. Saturday, one offender, detained on a murder charge, and another offender, detained on a criminal possession of a weapon charge, got into a fight. That’s when a Youth Detention Worker tried de-escalating the situation, failed, and jail deputies jumped in to help.
According to the police seven children were in the room at the time and six of them, armed with chairs, attacked two jail deputies and an employee. One deputy was body slammed.
Four MCSO deputies were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Two adolescents and four injured MCSO deputies were hospitalized to be treated.
Officials say deputies and staff secured the facility and is filing proper reports and notifying families.
As the Monroe County Children’s Detention Center reports there has been a recent increase of violent situations.

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