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Warm weather drives many people towards beaches, don’t forget the COVID guidelines

Rochester, New York — This weekend is the first that fully vaccinated people can head to the beach without the face masks. Monroe County beaches are open for some activities and, although there are still some COVID safety guidelines in place.
Heat bringing families out to Ontario Beach Park. M any smiles could be seen with the lifted mask mandate.
“It feels good like we’re not all trapped inside a house anymore,” said Ryan Boisvert.
At Durand Park, fully vaccinated people are not worrying about COVID. One of them is John Obergefell.
“It just feels good to be out and see faces and see people out see them happy enjoying their time out,” said John Obergefell. “I’m fully vaccinated have been for about a month, so no I’m not worried about it at all.”
For some people COVID-19 is still in the minds. Those like Annie Obergefell who aren’t fully vaccinated, still taking precautions.
“I think it’s going to take a little bit of time to start feeling comfortable again being so close to people because no we’ve been so trained this last year,” said Annie Obergefell.
Monroe County has opened county parks like Ontario Beach Park for some activities. Things like walking, sunbathing and outdoor gatherings of up to 200 are allowed, but the Historic Dentzel Carousel remains closed.
With the large open area, beach-goers say following the rules is no problem. Visitors are asked to practice social distancing and wear face-masks whenever they might come within six feet of others.
“Still COVID it’s still kinda in the back of your mind. But everyone is really spaced out everyone is kinda adhering to the rules and guidelines,” said Steve Sullivan.
Those who are fully vaccinated are not obligated to wear a facemask.

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