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Hybrid model for the rest of the year for Brighton students in grades 6-12

Rochester, New York — According to Brighton Central School’s superintendent, students in grades 6 – 12 will remain in a hybrid model till the end of the school year.
After the last week plan about full-time in-person learning return from Monday, the school decided to delay the reopening because the COVID trends did not meet their requirement.
As the superintendent reported the trend did not drop enough to meet their requirement for in-person learning.
In part, Superintendent Kevin McGowan said:
“We continue to believe that we will be able to fully reopen in September K-12 and are working on contingency plans to make sure that is a reality. We are also working with a group of local districts to develop additional advocacy proposals so that policymakers can consider more effective means of balancing public health concerns with the reality of a highly vaccinated population where the spread of COVID has slowed significantly.”

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