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Monroe County, COVID-19 new numbers

Rochester, New York — According to the Monroe County Department of Public Health, there are 102 new COVID-19 cases.
The weekly rolling average of new COVID-19 cases is 133 per day.
The most of the infected with the virus are young adults and children. 67 of the more than 100 cases are in people 30-years-old and younger.
Here is the daily report from Monroe County Department of Health about the new COVID-19 cases:

9 Female under 10
12 Male under 10
4 Female 10-19
10 Male 10-19
10 Female in her 20s
4 Male in his 20s
9 Female in 30s
9 Male in his 30s
5 Female in her 40s
6 Male in his 40s
8 Female in her 50s
6 Male in his 50s
4 Female in her 60s
1 Male in his 60s
3 Female in her 70s
1 Male in his 70s
1 Female in her 80s

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