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One year since the death of George Floyd

Rochester, New York— Rochester reflects on one year since former Minneapolis police officer had his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes
Nationwide and also here in Rochester people marched through streets amid the pandemic chanting, “no justice no peace” and “say his name.”
One of the activist groups that came together more formally after these events was Community Justice Initiative.
After Geogrge Floyd – it was Daniel Prude  – and then the 9 year old girl pepper-sprayed by police says Activist Tatiana Welch.
These events inspired work: grabbing attention of the city through a lot of protests and writing bills.
Daniels law is a Legislation that would establish state and regional mental health response councils specifically for mental health emergency calls, like the one of Daniel Prude.
“They want people in power to listen to them, want funds to be reallocated, you know we use the word defunding, when we say that we mean reallocation to better services including mental health, the FIT team, redoing the PIC team a little flaws there,” said Welch.

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