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Tuesday poll shows Mayor Lovely Warren trailing City Councilman Malik Evans by ten points, 49% to 39% in the primary

Rochester, New York— Tuesday outing shows strong support for Mayor Warren in primary race.
About the current scandal her husband is facing, many people say “that’s not her, it’s her husband” and voters should not confuse that with Mayor Warren. About Councilman Evans, many said they just don’t know enough about him yet.
According to Nurse Regina May and her friend Tony McBride, Warren handled pandemic with grace. They say she is being singled out by rivals.
“I think that she should be given a chance, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know Malik Evans, I don’t know him like that. I do know Lovely Warren has done very well with our city,” says May.
McBride says “I lean on her experience and give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these different things,” .
According to Atiya Abdussamad she’s sticking with Warren, — others say she has a solid public record.
“…Because she’s a woman, and I’m pro-woman right now,” says Abdussamad.
Jackie Williams leaving 7-11 on Park Ave say “Because I think she’s very fair at what she (does), and I think she’s a very fair person,”.
Isaac Hutton who is leaning towards voting for her in the primary says “I think the proof is in the pudding when it comes to Mayor Lovely,”.
A shift at City Hall is needed. “We need a change. Our city definitely needs a change,” says JD Dimarsico.
The primary elections are scheduled for June 21.

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