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When the number of cyclists who ride together increases, bicycle deaths decrease

Elmira, New York — During the summer safety is a focus while more bicyclists hitting the roadways.
According to officials bicyclists need to ensure they’re following bike safety guidelines during every ride and be proactive in checking their bikes frequently.
“There’s, of course, a lot of things cyclists can do to try and protect themselves,” said Tara Escudero, Volunteer at Elmira Community Cycle. “But ultimately, it comes down to people driving a car and someone doesn’t look or doesn’t see you or doesn’t follow the right of way in an intersection or doesn’t give you the 3 feet required by law to pass you. All those things put cyclists in danger.”
Bicyclists face a higher risk of crash-related injury and deaths than occupants in vehicles, CDC says.
In order t to decrease the number of crashes involving cyclists, Escudero suggest  you should ride with traffic, stay in the right lane, and have both a front white light and a red rear light on your bike when riding at night.
According to Escudero getting more bicyclists on the road during the summer serves as another method of safety. She explained when the number of cyclists who ride together increases, bicycle deaths decrease.
Elmira Community Bike Shop will have volunteers available to assist cyclists in a bike check before their tour.

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