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Two Rochester men are in jail after they skipped parole

Rochester, New York — Two parole absconders are back in jail, after they skipped parole. One of them  is accused in a stabbing.
A 33-year-old Sheldon Hamilton was charged with violating parole for allegedly absconding on April 2.  According to the U.S. Marshals Service Task Force and New York State Police GIVE unit, he was arrested on June 2 near North Clinton Avenue and Pleasant Street. Hamilton was also charged with second-degree assault and harassment in connection with a stabbing on May 31.
A 34-year-old Tommy Rogers is accused of cutting off his GPS ankle monitor and skipping parole on May 2. Rogers was on parole for a 2009 attempted robbery conviction. New York State GIVE unit picked up Rogers during a traffic stop near Rowley Street.
Both were taken to the Monroe County Jail and will be held for parole violations.

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