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New York’s latest push to increase vaccinations is targeting low-vaccinated zip codes

Rochester, New York – According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo the state would remove many virus-related precautions once the state reached a 70% vaccination rate, but currently the state is less than 2% from that goal.
New York’s latest push to increase vaccinations is targeting low-vaccinated zip codes. During Monday’s news conference, among zip codes with lowest vaccination rate were the 14613 zip code, which covers a portion of northwest Rochester, and the 14605 zip code, which includes a portion of northeast Rochester.
“Focus your resources there,” the governor said Monday. “That is where we have the greatest chance for advancement, and the local governments have the resources.”
“I think the fact that these two zip codes are located in Monroe County speaks to the difficulty of this endeavor,” said Monroe County Health Commissioner, Dr. Michael Mendoza. “The reality is that we serve a very diverse population here in Monroe County, and it underscores the need that we need to keep working on this. These two zip codes in particular are home to some of our most socially-disadvantaged population, and we know that we have been working very hard to reach out to that group, but it simply underscores that fact that we have a lot of work to do.”
“We don’t have an option; we have to bridge this gap,” he continued. “We are now beginning to deploy our resources in different ways. We’ve been looking at data on a zip code-level. We’re going to start drilling down into smaller census tracks to see if there’s anything we can do to target in a different way. The reality is we cannot let these zip codes go unnoticed. We have to do this, because that’s what we do in a vaccination program.”
In recent months, Monroe County and the City of Rochester have worked together to bring pop-up vaccination sites into various locations, including underserved areas. These sites included the RTS Transit Center and the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.
The 14541 zip code, which covers Romulus in Seneca County, was also included in the bottom 25 zip codes for vaccinations in New York.

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