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Two people trapped inside a tank, one man died

one person has died after an incident at a business in Orleans County.

According to first responders who were called to Millennium Roads on East Yates Center Road in the Town of Yates early morning around 11 a.m., two people were trapped and unconscious inside a tank.

Two men were cleaning the interior of the tank with water, when both of them were overcome by something in the tank as they were cleaning, investigators said.

According to officials, the 2 men were rescued from the tank, and life-saving operation was undertaken. Keegan Bayne, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene. Chase Johnson, 35, was treated by Medina firefighters, and then was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital by helicopter.

During the investigation, The DEC determined the product ‘Lignin’ was being hauled inside the tank.

The investigation is ongoing.

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