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A man and his nephew rescue a woman from truck in a river

Rochester, New York — On Saturday morning Around 1:30, Wayne Hadsell and his nephew Ashton Reamore were unwinding on his docked boat on the Genesee River.
They saw a pickup truck leave the dock across the river, and go flying through the air by the Pelican’s Nest restaurant.
“I saw the headlights go into the water, and I honestly thought someone stole a truck and was dumping it in the river,” Hadsell said.
Later he saw the brake lights going on and off, and then he realized that someone is in the vehicle.
“That’s when I knew someone was in there,” Hasdell said.
Both say there was not a lot of time for thinking, just acting — and fast. They left the boat they were on for a jet boat, and fired her right up. The two pulled up to the truck while it was rapidly sinking in a whirlpool created by sinking the vehicle.
“When we arrived to the truck, the girl was in there beating on the window screaming for help,” Hadsell said.
“I was like ‘what do we have to break the back window? The anchor may be?’” Reamore said. “And that’s when he said ‘blow out the back window with the point.’”
Hadsell and Reamore re-enact the water rescue from their jet boat
Reamore blew out the glass, grabbed the woman, and pulled her onto the jet boat.
“About 30 seconds …. she would have died, if that,” Reamore said.
According to Hadsell, the woman was hysterical but knew she was safe.
“I wasn’t letting her go down with the truck,” he said. “There was no way. We were getting her out one way or another.”
Hadsell and Reamore have not spoken to the woman since the rescue, but police told them she’s recovering well.

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