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Rail tracks get transformed and being put to extraordinary use

Penn Yan, New York – The rail tracks near Penn Yan, owned by the Finger Lakes Railway, is now being put to extraordinary use. Kathy Ferron owns and operates Finger Lakes Rail Riders.

“People can come and ride on existing railroads that have been here since 1851,” Kathy Ferron said. “They can get a little exercise, they can see some beautiful scenery. Yates County is an absolutely spectacular place to see.”

According to Ferron, rail-riding has become the rage in certain parts of America. It is a great way to get exercise, it’s also a great way to learn about America’s rich rail history. And it’s believed this one here in the Finger Lakes Region is the only one in America where you actually get a guided tour of the history of the rail here via two-way radio.

“We do a 25 to 30-minute narrative via two-way radios on all of the bicycles talking about Yates County and how Yates County grew, the steamships and the rails and then the advent of roads,” Ferron said.

Ferron say, all ages can enjoy a ride.

“I think that it’s important that we do things in the Finger Lakes that bring families together,” Ferron said. “We have a lot things here for adults, there’s a lot of wineries and craft breweries, but there are not many activities that you can take your nine-year-old to. This is something that you can come and do at any age and at any activity level that you can be comfortable on a rail bike and it’s a great way to make family memories.”

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