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Donation center helping displaced by Perinton apartment fire

Perinton, New York — An entire store filled with donations has been trying to help 65 people that were displaced from a fire at the Pines of Perinton to stay afloat.
In order to supply those who now have nowhere to go, this donation center was created.
“All of the donations came into various places and then we took it from there and have been organizing over the course of the last two days,” Jamie Buss, who volunteers at the site said. “To make sure that sizes are in the right spot and doing some quality control. Easily accessible to the families that need it.”
Those impacted by the fire walked down isles with piles of all types of winter clothes, bathroom, laundry supplies, and toys for children.
“It definitely makes you appreciate the community that we live in,” Buss said. “For them to come out and support their own is tremendous. This support will go far beyond those affected by the fire.”
“The fire occurred and within two days we had to kind of put a hold on the donations because we had so many,” Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna said. “Was I surprised; no, I wasn’t surprised because I know what the community will do.”
Organizations like the Red Cross and Monroe County Human Services have also been assisting.
“Community really came together, and I appreciate that,” Pines of Perinton renter Paul Dirisio said. “The Red Cross and everything so we’re very lucky and in good hands.”
According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office who assisted fire fighters responding to this call last Tuesday morning, no arrests have been made or updates on what started the fire.

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