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Doctors’ advice to avoid snow blower-related injuries

Rochester, New York – Many of us will be getting out the snowblower to clear the driveway and sidewalk after the fresh snowfall.
It may seem obvious, but you should never put your hand inside the chute of the snowblower.
According to doctors at URMC, someone losing a finger – or fingers – is more common than you think.
According to Strong Memorial Hospital, they see about 10-12 incidents per snowstorm in our area. It doesn’t matter if the machine is off because when torque builds up and the clog is removed, the blades can start spinning for a few revolutions, they said.
“These type of injuries are a split-second decision that will alter your life for years,” Dr. Danielle Wilbur, a hand surgeon at URMC, said. “Anything from needing surgeries to repeat surgeries to rehabilitation with hand therapists, and simple things like retraining yourself how to type, write, brush your teeth and all the way to using tools.”
Each year, there are approximately 2,000 snow blower-related injuries across the U.S.
According to doctors, if you do lose a finger, put it in a bag on ice.

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