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Tax breaks for volunteer first responders in Monroe County

Rochester, New York— On Friday morning, new legislation aiming to help recruit volunteer fire and ambulance personnel, was signed by the Monroe County Executive.
The new legislation provides volunteer first responders with a 10% exemption on their county property taxes.
“When your homes are at risk and your lives depend on a first responder, volunteers pull themselves from their lives, from their families, from their work to come and save yours,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.
Pittsford Fire Chief Matthew Payne was glad to see the county take this action.
” It was a good positive message for us to recognize what we do, what we give to our community, it is a small cost and a great benefit for those who gave or give time to their community,” he said.
This comes as many fire departments and EMS agencies are dealing with staffing shortages.
According to Chief Payne, this will offer an incentive to those who are considering joining.
“I hope it is a conversation starter to get people in the door and also recognize those that put in the time and are committed to volunteering their time so it serves two great benefits for us,” he said. “Like many in our area we are losing more than we are taking in so right now we are good but we are worried about the future and hopefully we can carry on our commitment of being 100% volunteer.”
Volunteers would be eligible for the exemption after two years of service, and after 20 years of service, can enjoy the tax exemption for life.
By March 1, volunteers must apply online.

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