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While gas prices increase Rochester pizzeria finds way around

Rochester, New York – It’s hard to find a gallon of gas for less than $4 in Rochester.
That is forcing people to get creative with saving money.
Silvio Fantauzzo, owner at Salvatore’s Pizzeria decided to act on it when gas prices started to rise. He switched out the delivery cars for electric vehicles.
“We are saving a lot of money on gas now it really hasn’t impacted our RG&E bill right now and our drivers are loving them, our customers are so excited when we show up in these cars,” Fantauzzo said.
With gas prices hovering around $4 or more per gallon, Fantauzzo was feeling lucky to have made the switch at the Webster location Thursday evening.
“I could see the prices slowly start to creep up and I wanted to stay ahead of it and I am glad I did I was able to get these vehicles, now you can’t get any electric cars,” he said.
Some other Salvatore’s locations are still using gas vehicles.
People should prepare for prices to continue to rise, according to AAA.
“I wanted to try an electric car but it’s very expensive to even have one and have the accessories for it. I’m going right down to Mitsubishi to buy a new car right now, so we’re going to find out if the electric one is cheap enough to buy,” said David Snider, as he paid $4.19 per gallon at a Henrietta station.
According to AAA, New Yorkers were paying an average of $3.92 for a gallon of gas on Thursday.

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