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Ithaca’s Hangar Theatre with plans for a new outdoor stage

Ithaca, New York – After two years of COVID-related delays, The Hangar Theatre in Ithaca is moving forward with plans for a new outdoor stage.
Currently, there are 40 shows scheduled indoors on the main stage and 32 for the new outdoor stage for the upcoming summer season.
According to Ithaca Voice, the new outdoor stage sits under a 30-foot covered circus tent with a 600-square foot interior. The outdoor venue will have a capacity equal to the indoor main stage.
The ground will be raked and have 10 inches of gravel to limit the buildup of rainwater and mud due to flood risk.
According to Managing Director R.J. Lavine, because of reoccurring flooding issues, the theatre’s insurance carrier declined to renew their coverage policy as of January 2022.
Flood insurance for the theatre will most likely be provided through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Lavine said.

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