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Millions could see $250 rebate check to go toward rising gas prices

New York – In order to help offset the rising gas prices plaguing the country, millions of drivers in the state of New York could soon see a rebate check worth $250.
New York sees an average price per gallon of $4.32, at the moment. The national average sits at $4.22. Lawmakers are now working to give residents a rebate check worth $250 as prices only continue to rise.
As an option, a gas tax suspension was discussed as well. That would last from May through Dec. of 2022 if approved. $648 million would be saved if a tax pause went into effect.
With $400 direct payments for each registered vehicle, they own California is currently looking to provide residents. The limit would be two vehicles per resident.
The state is looking into 3 free months of public transit in addition to the $400 payment.

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