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Remembering A Fallen Rochester Officer

Officer Mazurkiewicz was tragically killed in the line of duty. Mazurkiewicz, parked in a vehicle with Officer Sino Seng while sitting in the driver seat, was struck at least twice in the upper body and Seng was shot once in the lower body.

Despite being shot, Officer Seng was able to exit the vehicle and return fire. The suspect was not struck and proceeded to flee the scene on foot. A 15- year old female inside a nearby house was also grazed by shots that penetrated the walls of her house.

The shooter, Kelvin Vickers, 21-year old of Boston. Massachusetts was later taken into custody.

Vickers was charged with Murder in the 2nd Degree (A Felony), Attempted Murder in the 2nd Degree (B Felony), Assault in the 2nd Degree (D Felony) and two counts Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 2nd Degree (C Felony).

Vickers entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment on Saturday, July 23 and is being held without bail at the Monroe County Jail.

Remembering Officer Anthony “Tony” Mazurkiewicz

Officer Mazurkiewicz served the Rochester Police Department (RPD) from April 12, 1993 until July 21, 2022. He began his law enforcement career in 1988 as a Jail Deputy with Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. In 1993, he joined the RPD as a Patrol Officer, serving the Clinton and Goodman Sections, later transferring in 2002 to the Tactical Unit.

During his career as an officer, Mazurkiewicz was the recipient of the RPD’s Life Saving award, 17 Excellent Police Service awards, the Good Conduct award for 29 years without a sustained complaint. He has received a host of other awards, Mazurkiewicz will be awarded the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart, RPD’s highest honor.

He was married to his wife, Lynne for 28 years and the proud father of four children ages 36, 33, 26, 21; and three grandchildren ages 6, 4, and 2.

Funeral Services

Calling hours are open to the public are at Keenan Funeral Home, located at 7501 Pittsford Palmyra Road, Fairport, NY on July 31 from 1 pm to 8pm.

The funeral service will be August 1, 12pm at the Blue Cross Arena and open for First Responders and their families. A private interment will follow.

The public is invited to view the service via livestream and media broadcasts only.

In order to accommodate the Funeral Service for Officer Mazurkiewicz, the following Downtown streets will be closed to traffic tomorrow, Aug. 1 at 8 a.m.:

  • Broad Street from South Avenue to S. Fitzhugh Street
  • Court Street from South Avenue to Exchange Boulevard
  • Exchange Boulevard from Main Street to S. Fitzhugh Street
  • South Avenue from Main Street to Broad Street

Statements on Passing of Officer Mazurkiewicz

Mayor Malik Evans

Tony Mazurkiewicz could have easily retired, but he chose to continue going on the streets because he didn’t want folks in our neighborhoods to be held hostage by the very cowards that are wreaking havoc in our community.

“Not only am I sad for the Mazurkiewicz family—and we pray for the speedy recovery of Sino Seng—I am angry. And upset. Because all too often, we are seeing a blatant disregard for life. Whether it be a woman sitting on her porch, or a 10-year-old girl braiding her mother’s hair—and now, an officer in the line of duty working to keep our city safe.”

Senator Samra Brouk 

My thoughts are with the family of the fallen officer who was senselessly gunned down in our community. We must put an end to the horrific gun violence that plagues Rochester—our children should not fear going to school, our families should not fear going to the grocery store, and public servants should not fear patrolling our streets. We are one community, united in mourning and bound by a powerful responsibility to act.

Rev. Lewis W. Stewart, United Christian Leadership Ministry President

I am sorry to hear of the death of this heroic police officer, Anthony Mazurkiewicz, who died keeping our community safe. His death is deplorable. Let us not allow his sacrifice to be in vain. Every life is sacred. We pray for him and his family and let us continue to work to end gun violence in our community.

The plague of gun violence is rampant, vicious and sickening. It can not and must not be tolerated. Those who callously assault others with the intent purpose of depriving them of their precious lives must be punished quickly and severely. Gun violence is a public health problem.

City Councilmember LaShay D. Harris 

Over the past 203 days, the City of Rochester has experienced a surge of violence and yesterday two members of our police department were shot along with an innocent bystander. Tragically one officer lost his life and, as we see more and more frequently, bystanders also pay the price for this wanton disregard of human life.

I urge everyone in Rochester to unite in peace to STOP THE VIOLENCE. If you see something, say something because no one is immune to this public health crisis and we cannot get justice for victims without everyone’s help.”

Legislature Pres. Sabrina Lamar 

I am both saddened and outraged by the death of Anthony P. Mazurkiewicz, a 29-year veteran of the RPD. This marks Rochester’s 42nd homicide of the year. Last year, there were 81 homicides, and we are on a pace to either equal or exceed that number. Every day, it seems that we are witnessing another shooting. Many days there are more than one. Multiple shootings are on the rise. The level of gun violence in our city has reached epidemic proportions  and it must be brought under control.

We must respect the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us and our families. If the police are not safe, then none of us are safe.”

President Miguel A. Meléndez, Jr.  

A Rochester Police Officer became the latest victim of murder while he was on duty doing his job protecting us. This latest murder is the product of a violent culture that has permeated our streets and is terrorizing our neighborhoods and the neighbors within them.

As a City we need to grieve for those who have been caught in this wave of terror, we all need to continue our prayers for healing and for an end to the violence gripping our streets, but these prayers need be met with the resources and hard work needed to stop the shootings.

Assemblywoman Sarah Clark

With a very heavy heart I stand with our community sending all my thoughts and prayers to fallen Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, wounded Officer Sino Seng, all of RPD and their families.

The violence and heartbreaking destruction in our neighborhoods is affecting yet another family. We cannot wait another minute to do all that is possible to end violence here in Rochester. We all have a role here to help our community recover, heal and ultimately thrive.

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