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Groundbreaking news from the Alzheimer’s Association

Teresa Galbier, Executive Director of the local Alzheimer’s Association says one of the findings of the study centers on the importance on constant movement. Galbier tells us those with a mild cognitive impairment can benefit from moderate exercise, which is good for the health of both their heart, and brain.

Other findings include how racism pointed particularly at African-Americans can lower their memory scores due to stress. Eating ultra-processed foods mostly sold in “boxes” such as frozen pizza, ice cream, and hamburgers to name a few can also cause the disease.

Galbier says it’s never too late to help prevent the disease.

“We have very clear data, and evidence that shows you can change your lifestyle at any point in your journey. You’re never too old to be able to impact your brain health, and potentially move this disease down the line so that you’ll be impacted by Alzheimer’s disease,” said Galbier.

Click here for┬áthe Alzheimer’s Association, where you too can learn more about the Exert Study.

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