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Albanian actor victim in fatal Bronx building plunge with wife

A man who plunged from his Bronx building to his death, along with his wife, was an aspiring actor and screenwriter from Albania, neighbors and friends of the tragic couple said Sunday.

The couple, identified by friends as Florind Belliu, 35, and his 28-year-old wife, fell from their sixth-floor apartment in the Cruger Ave. building at Pelham Parkway South in Morris Park about 9:15 a.m. Saturday.

Neighbors told the Daily News they heard shouting shortly before they fell and investigators are looking into the deadly plunge as the tragic result of a fight between the couple, police sources said.

The couple’s two young sons were inside the home at the time and neighbors heard a child wail, “Mom! Mom!” after they fell.

The dead man’s mother collapsed and wailed in front of the building Saturday after she was told both had perished.

“I know the kids are okay, thank goodness, but yesterday when the cops came knocking I saw the little boy, and he looked sad. I thought he had called 911 on accident,” recounted next-door neighbor Joanna Abreu. “But when I saw the yellow tape I knew something was up. I went downstairs, not wanting to be a busybody, and when I went to the bottom the mother was there crying.”

“She was saying that she was sorry for not listening to (her son) when he would say he wasn’t well and she was crying,” Abreu added. “It was very heartbreaking.”

Another neighbor, Robert Sanchez, described Belliu as quiet and off-putting.

“When you would walk next to him he just didn’t have a friendly demeanor so I would just keep it moving,” Sanchez said. About the couple, he added, “They kept to themselves and were very isolated.”

An employee at Zymi, a nearby café that’s popular with the Albanian community, also said Belliu kept to himself.

“He was never in the right state of mind. He would come have a coffee or eat and would not interact with the fellow members of the community,” the worker said. “The wife never really said anything. She was always quiet and isolated but they always seemed to have the kids (with them).”

Belliu’s IMDB page shows he had a role in the Albanian movie “Six Short Films 2009.”

He also started writing two books, one of of which he wanted to turn into a movie pitch for Netflix, the website Euronews Albania reported, citing an interview he gave two years ago.

On Facebook and Instagram, friends mourned his death in Albanian-language posts, questioning why he apparently leaped from the building.

“Why bro, why bro…did you choose this path? What was missing when you all had us in your arms and supported you? What made you to take a road without a beginning and an end?” wrote fellow Albanian actor Andi Llabuti.

“What do we say to our mother when she sees us on the street that we cannot protect you? Why didn’t you think a little about your family, your mother and your sisters? We all knew your abilities and the values you had, but never this wisdom! You made us so sad that there is no explanation! May Allah have mercy on you!”

Albanian comedian and actor Cela Irgen said on Instagram Belliu broke his heart.

“I can’t believe I’m making this status for you. You are embedded in my mind and my heart for all those beautiful memories we have together and the passion we shared for acting,” he wrote in Albanian in a Sunday morning post. “May you both rest in peace my dear friend and may God give strength to both families in these difficult times.”

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