NYC Mayor Adams outraged over ‘small part’ of border crisis impacting his sanctuary city, Texas AG

During an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Sunday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to New York City and Washington D.C . as a solution for the overwhelming border crisis, arguing that Texas is sending sanctuary cities a “statement of fairness.’

KEN PAXTON: …Part of it is that we have a significant problem on the border. They’re [NYC] only experiencing a slight bit of this. I mean, it’s almost a little inconvenience for them, but it’s a major problem for us. And so it’s just interesting to see some of these mayors who have invited and have created sanctuary cities to suddenly start complaining that they’ve got a few thousand immigrants when we’re dealing with millions. 

So it’s kind of a statement of, first of all, fairness and, hey, why don’t you pay attention to our real problem on the border? You’re experiencing just a small part of it.

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