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Beloved Brooklyn dog Moose died after attack by deranged man in park

A dog died days after the pet and its owner were attacked by a deranged man with a stick while walking outside Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, police said Wednesday.

Dog owners are demanding justice for the woman and her dog who were walloped from behind while walking near Center Drive and East Drive on Aug. 3 around 6:30 a.m.

Cops said owner and her pooch Moose were accosted by a man who sprayed them with a liquid and then struck her and her dog with a stick.

The victim, Jessica Chrustic, 41, suffered minor injuries, but her dog was hurt so badly that he required surgery, and died several days later.

“He was my world,” Chrustic said.

Chrustic said she and the dog were attacked by a man between the Picnic House and the Villa in Prospect Park.

“I’ve seen him before. In the past I always avoided him. He’s usually in the ballfields, this is the first time I’ve seen him near the Picnic House,” Chrustic told the Daily News. “He turned around, saw us and pulled out a bottle of what I later found out was urine and threw it on us. Thirty seconds after that, not even, he was starting to rant about immigrants taking over the park, and he pulled out a stick. I was coming along the bend in the parking lot, so there really wasn’t enough room to get away from him.”

She said the man usually uses the stick to carry his bags of recyclables.

“He was just whaling at us,” she said. “My dog was terrified. He followed us and he just kept getting us. He hit Moose very hard in the face, he had blood on his mouth.”

A passerby screamed and two men on bikes intervened before the attacker ran off.

There have been no arrests.

Dog owners were outraged. After news surfaced on social media about the attack, other pet owners said they had run-ins with the same man.

“I’m just beyond horrified,” said Dahlia Schweitzer, who is on a Prospect Park dog owners’ group on Facebook with Jessica. “Apparently, once he kicked a small dog and sent the dog flying.”

Schweitzer said she hasn’t been able to stop crying since the dog died.

”Clearly this guy has been wandering around the park, and that could be anybody’s dog,” she said.

Chrustic thanked the veterinary staff who tried their best to save her dog.

“He was only 2½. He was still a baby,” she said, tearing up. She said she adopted the 80-pound mix from an agency last year.

“I saw him immediately and he was mine,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve actually processed it.”

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