Murder suspect arrested in Georgia after calling police about cold McDonald’s French fries

A murder suspect on the run in Georgia was arrested by officers he called on employees at a local McDonald’s over an order of cold French fries.

Antoine Sims on Friday got into a heated argument with workers at the fast food chain in Kennesaw, which ended with both parties phoning the police. When authorities arrived on the scene, Sims explained that he and his fiancée were waiting for their order, but that it seemed like too much time had gone by, Fox 5 reported.

Sims decided to ask a cashier about the status of their food, which had already been sitting and waiting on the counter by that time.

“They’re lukewarm but they’re not hot,” he’s heard telling officers in bodycam footage obtained by the news station. “I just asked if we could get some fresh fries.”

Instead, a McDonald’s employee offered Sims a refund, which he rejected given that it would not appear in his bank account for several days.

The fast food staff shared a slightly different version of events, alleging Sims threatened and cursed at the workers in addition to hurling his order at them.

“I don’t ever want him back here,” the manager told police. “I mean, dude’s obviously on probation (out on bond) — got an ankle bracelet on.”

Outside of the eatery, officers inform Sims he is no longer welcome inside and request that he sign an acknowledgement. He becomes fidgety before refusing to sign the document and then asks if he is under arrest.

“Yes, you are,” the officer says.

“I called the police!” Sims responds.

“Well you shouldn’t do that if you have a warrant,” the officer tells him, which then sends Sims running.

The 24-year-old suspect was previously charged with the 2018 murder of Adelisa Murtatovic, who attempted to buy drugs from Sims alongside two other men. At some point during the drug deal, gunfire broke out and Murtatovic was fatally struck amid the violence.

Sims is accused of driving her to a Lawrenceville subdivision and lighting the car on fire while the body was still inside. He was arrested in in March 2019, with a judge granting him a $275,000 bond earlier this year. He was due back in court in July to enter his plea, but he never showed up.

Authorities on Friday managed to track him down after he tried to break into a third-floor apartment inside a nearby residential building. Cops also discovered 31 grams of marijuana in his fiancée’s car and Sims was hit with a count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He was also charged for his outstanding warrant, as well as obstruction or hindering law enforcement and criminal trespass

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