NYC hit and run victim was Door Dash driver on his last delivery

An elderly Queens man killed in a hit-and-run crash Sunday was a Door Dash driver likely doing his last delivery of the night, his grieving family told the Daily News.

Be Tran, 74, was fatally struck at 7:40 p.m. as he was crossing Myrtle Ave. near Hancock St. in Ridgewood to drop off a food order, said police and the victim’s daughter, Anh Tran.

Doorbell video shows a black BMW racing down Seneca Ave. as a passerby yells out “Dumbass!”

“He did more for me than I could ever ask for, he was like my number one supporter,” his devastated 25-year-old daughter told The News. “He helped raise like half the family.”

“This was probably his last delivery before he headed home, because that’s like the usual time he comes home,” she said. “He worked so hard. He’s like 74. … I told him, like, stop working. I don’t mind taking care of you and everything.”

Tran, who lived in Flushing, died at the scene.

On Monday, as police searched for the driver, the owner of a juice bar a block from the crash scene who provided the video said the sound of the collision was like “a big violent crash.

“And basically, the guy sped it, straight down, like a bat out of hell,” said Adrian King, 47. “Basically, if there was anybody on the street they would have been dead too because he was going that fast.”

King said the BMW’s front grill was smashed from the impact, adding that he tried in vain to chase the runaway driver.

Saying accidents and collisions are common in the area, residents have petitioned for a traffic light.

Tran had been working as a Door Dash driver on and off for about five years and had health issues, his daughter said. He previously owned a fabric and uniform company in Midtown.

Anh Tran said she moved in with her father in April to take care of him. His ex-wife lives in Florida.

Tran’s nephew described his uncle as a “great man, real family person” who treated him like a son and was working to raise enough money to visit family in Vietnam.

“He hasn’t been back to his home country in over two decades,” said Tuan Tran. “But he was basically working trying to earn money so he can see his family who he had not been able to see, just the people who are still back in Vietnam.”

“He was caring for all the family, he was also the peacemaker as well if there were any big disputes,” Tuan Tran, 28, said. “A man who was just trying to make a living.”

Police are still searching for the hit-and-run driver.

“I just really hope that they catch that guy,” Anh Tran said of the driver. “I just really want our voice to be heard and know, like, it’s not OK for this to happen. … He didn’t do anything.”

Earlier Sunday, a 36-year-old woman was near the corner of Buffalo Ave. and Pacific St. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, when the driver of an SUV “backed up his car full speed into her” about 2:50 p.m., a witness said.

“The back of his car is all destroyed,” neighbor Jerome Mulley said of the crash. “He came out of his car, looked at her and went.”

The victim suffered severe head trauma, police said. She was rushed to Kings County Hospital in critical condition.

That driver is also still being sought.

“They need to put a speed cone there,” Mulley said of the intersection. “It’s like a drag strip. Drivers don’t even stop at the stop sign.”

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