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Investigation determined gang infighting as motive in playground murder where a 19-year-old was arrested

Police said that internal strife within the Drench Gang led a Bed-Stuy gang member to murder a fellow street crew member in a busy Brooklyn playground.

After 20-year-old Daquan Trantham was shot on a basketball court at St. Andrew’s Playground at Atlantic and Kingston avenues in April, 19-year-old suspect Dinikue Grant was charged with murder and gun possession the following day. The motive for the murder was not disclosed until Friday.

Witnesses say that kids and moms pushing baby carriages ran for their lives during the incident.

Trantham was shot in the chest and face, and responding cops unsuccessfully performed CPR to rescue him. Trantham was afterwards taken to Interfaith Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“He was a high school graduate and a hard worker. He was a good kid with a bright smile,” his father, Toriano Trantham, said at the time.

According to his aunt, the younger Trantham worked overnight in a FedEx facility.

Grant, who was shot and injured in Brownsville last year, allegedly committed the murder in retaliation for gang infighting, according to the police.

Grant was shot in the abdomen, chest, and buttocks following a dispute on Fulton St. and Thomas Boyland St. on November 29, according to authorities.

However, it was initially unclear whether Trantham had really shot Grant or only knew the shooter.

According to a police source, Grant was arrested many times as a juvenile for robbery and again as an adult in November 2021.

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