Brooklyn man sentenced to 15 years for a 2019 murder

A man from Brooklyn was given a prison term of 15 years after he was convicted of shooting another man to death while he was asleep.

On Wednesday, Justice Vincent Del Giudice of the Brooklyn Supreme Court handed down the sentence to 44-year-old Sam Chen.

On June 9, Chen entered a guilty plea to the charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of Da Li, who was 46 years old and was found dead on the morning of June 28, 2019, at a single-room hotel on 51st St. and Seventh Ave in Sunset Park.

After dropping Li off, Chen was seen on camera about 4.5 hours later, returning to the hotel where he had been staying. After covering his face with a surgical mask, Chen entered the room and fired two shots at the victim’s head.

Authorities suspect that Chen murdered Li because of a debt.

The corpse of Li was discovered by the cleaning staff, and the police arrested Chen a few days later at Kennedy Airport, just before he was about to take a trip to California.

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