Chicago police investigating a drive-by shooting that left one dead and four wounded

One person was killed and four others were wounded on Friday evening in Chicago as a result of a shooting that occurred during a drive-by.

The incident took place on Friday at about 6 p.m. in the 3300 block of West Flournoy, outside of a residence on the city’s West Side. The police say that the shooting started when someone in a car was driving through the neighborhood and started firing shots.

According to the police, five people were injured in the shooting. One man, age 31, received gunshot wounds to the left arm and abdomen. Another man, age 34, was shot in the leg. A third man, age 33, was shot in the inner left thigh. The fifth victim, aged 56, received gunshot wounds to the left shoulder and left buttocks.

A man in his 30s who had been wounded in the back, buttocks, legs, and left forearm was declared dead later.

The four people who were wounded during the incident are now being treated at local hospitals and are in good condition.

The investigation is still underway, and the police say they do not currently have any suspects in custody.

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