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Police engaged in a gunfight with man menacing people on Bronx street

New York Police Department officers and a man who was threatening people on a street in the Bronx on Tuesday, according to the police, got into a gunfight.

At around 5:25 in the evening, law enforcement officers in Morrisania located the suspect near the intersection of E. 166th Street and Third Avenue.

According to the police, he was in possession of a handgun and was “menacing” individuals as they passed by.

“The guy was waving a gun, and the cop saw him,” a witness said.

According to the police and the witness, as the police approached the man, he discharged the firearm, and an officer responded by firing two shots back.

No one was wounded during this incident, and the suspect fled the scene.

The suspect in this shooting is still being sought by police.

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