Group of 100 migrants apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol in California

A Border Patrol press release says that agents from the San Diego Sector caught a group of migrants around 2:00 a.m., about a half mile east of Border Field State Park in the city of San Diego.

According to the officials, the group of migrants included individuals from various continents, including Africa, Asia, and South America.

There were 79 adults and 18 family unit members among the migrants, in addition to 3 unaccompanied juveniles. According to the CPB, they arrived in the United States from the following countries:

Somalia (37)
India (17)
Cameroon (8)
Senegal (7)
Mauritania (7)
Afghanistan (6)
Ethiopia (6)
Pakistan (4)
Burkina Faso (3)
Brazil (3)
Guinea (1)
Tobago (1)

The majority of the individuals did not understand Spanish, which prompted the use of resources for translation help, according to the authorities. In addition, all migrants were given a medical assessment.

According to authorities from the Border Patrol, out of the 145,618 migrants who have been detained so far in fiscal year 2022, 44,444 are from countries other than Mexico.

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