Monroe County

School buses in Monroe County are equipped with stop-arm cameras

Kids will be walking to school, school buses will be on the road, and there will be a general increase in the amount of traffic as the new school year approaches.

Because of this, Monroe County has passed a new law that is intended to keep students safe before they ever get to school.

The legislation that authorizes the installation of cameras on school buses was signed into law by the County Executive Adam Bello. The stop-arm cameras take pictures of vehicles that illegally pass stopped buses, which results in penalties for the drivers of such vehicles.

The county administration has high expectations that the cameras will deter reckless driving.

“And it’s typically the younger students who are most at risk. Because they’re smaller and more difficult to see, they’re crossing the road in front of these school buses. Younger students, despite being a smaller percentage of all students in school, are involved in nearly 70% of school-bus fatalities,” Bello said.

A person who commits an offense for the first time will get a $250 fine. That amount rises for each subsequent offense committed during the next 18 months.

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