Unittool will lay-off 18 employees following a merger with a Wisconsin company

The impending merger between Unittool in Buffalo and a Wisconsin-based tooling manufacturer will result in the loss of employment for more than a dozen workers at the company.

UniPunch Products and Unittool made the announcement of their intention to merge on Wednesday. The companies said that this would “create the industry leader in C-frame tooling.”

Twenty people are employed at Unittool, which is located at 20 Norris St. in North Buffalo. A representative for UniPunch said that the two would continue to work remotely from Buffalo. Since its founding in 1958, Unittool has maintained its headquarters in Buffalo.

The state of Wisconsin will serve as the location for the production and sales support of the combined brands.

“When my father started this business more than fifty years ago, his goal was to take care of his customers, his employees and his family. We’re incredibly proud of his legacy, and that this partnership will continue that legacy,” Unittool President Leonard Deni said.

Both Unittool and UniPunch are manufacturers of tools for punching, shearing, and notching. In their announcement of the partnership, the two companies said that their combined market share accounted for more than 95% of all C-Frame tooling bought in North America.

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